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Copywriting Services

Are you a small business looking to boost your website traffic, improve your social media presence or drive more sales with an email marketing plan?  

Then, you have come to the right place.  

You may have a well designed website or a gorgeous social media portfolio but it's the words that your readers will connect with that can entice them to take action.  

I will take the time to master your brand's voice and style and research your industry so that your content captures the hearts of your ideal customers.

Your copy should demonstrate that you are a trusted expert in your industry so that your customers always choose you over your competitors.

How does it work?


Book a meeting

Lets find out more about you, your business and your goals.  

Fill out the form below.

In the message box, explain in a few words what type of content or copy needs you wish to request. 

I'll contact you via email so we can arrange a call or Zoom meeting to take a detailed brief.  


Planning and Creation

I will research your industry to gain a deep understanding of your ideal client and create a strategy that sets you apart. 

I will write and edit your copy incorporating feedback from you to ensure that the final product aligns with your brand voice and style.



I always aim to get your copy delivered to you on time and within budget.  

Lets make sure all your goals have been met so that your copy is ready to launch on the platform you have requested. 

Ready to take the first step now

Thanks for submitting!

I was amazed at how Claire was able to translate the very technical work that I do into relatable content so perfectly.   She provided me with 8 pieces of copy in just one week.  I honestly didn't think she could pull it off but I was completely blown away.  

Arnold H, The Zeus Method

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